The Problems With Wisdom Teeth (and What To Do About Them)

June 19, 2018

Many young people assume that as they move into their teen years, they can worry less about their teeth because they have lost all of their baby teeth. It is in the teen years and moving on into the 20s that the wisdom teeth tend to make their appearance. While they sound like something everyone […]

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Schedule Your Kids to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Out During Holiday Break

December 27, 2017

This holiday season, your children likely get a break from school. Instead of letting them run free for a week or two, consider scheduling an appointment for them to get their wisdom teeth┬áremoved. Since recovery can take up to a few days, this is the perfect time to remove these teeth, so your children can […]

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3 Benefits of Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth as Soon as Possible

October 30, 2017

There are numerous symptoms when a person is suffering from impacted wisdom teeth and the most common are jaw pain and tenderness in the gum tissue. A visit with Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute should reveal whether an impaction is causing the problem. If that is the case, then those teeth need to be removed immediately […]

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Signs That You Have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

August 15, 2017

We often think of pain as something to be managed or alleviated. Oftentimes, though, pain may be a sign that something is wrong. Wisdom teeth are a perfect example. These third molars can erupt without causing you any pain. If they become impacted, however, they can create a host of problems, like damaging the surrounding […]

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