February 25, 2017

While you might only have one set of adult teeth and gums over the course of your lifetime, many new oral procedures have made it possible for periodontists to restore teeth and gums to a health state once again. When you start to suffer from gum recession, your periodontist may have two options for your: Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique or a traditional gum graft. Here are the essential benefits everyone should know about both.

  1. It Takes Little Time

PST™ is called such because there are two tiny openings the gums to assist in readjusting them so that less of your tooth is exposed. In many cases, this can take only a few hours inside your periodontist’s office to complete.

If you qualify for a gum graft, this is a surgical procedure you must prepare for. It can take weeks to prepare, and it might take more than one visit to attach the graft.

  1. Recovery Is Faster

Because there is less cutting of the gums involved, there is not as much to heal from when you qualify for PST™. You may be able to return to work and other normal tasks as soon as the next day.

With a traditional gum graft, you may need several days or longer to recover as it is a surgical procedure. Thus you will need to plan on staying out of work for a little while.

  1. There Is Less Pain Involved

Due to the nature of the pinholes involved with PST™, there is less pain involved than with a traditional gum graft. This actually assists with the quick healing process, and it also means that patients might not need as much medication to manage their discomfort.

Before you can think about the PST™ procedure, you must discuss your options with your periodontist. Not everyone is a candidate for PST™, in which case a traditional gum graft might be your best option. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Leo A. Tokarczyk, D.D.S., P.C. today.



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