December 13, 2019

the different types of tooth pain naperville, il dentist

Have you ever over-exercised and strained yourself a bit? You might feel some dull aches in your hamstrings or biceps. However, if you actually tear a muscle, the discomfort will be more intense and indicative of something that requires a physician. In the same way, tooth pain is not a one-size-fits-all term. Naperville, IL dentist Dr. Kaz Zymantas of Premier Dental routinely helps patients more specifically describe the tooth pain they feel. This allows him and his staff to make the wisest treatment recommendations to alleviate the underlying problem.

What are the basic types of tooth pain you could experience? We have listed popular descriptions of mouth discomfort here to help you understand what you are feeling.

Aching Tooth

Do you have an area in your mouth that seems to ache for no real reason? The ache may not actually hurt terribly, but it is enough for you to notice. Slight aches can come from several sources, including particles of food such as popcorn kernels getting lodged under the gums and causing irritation. If the aches do not go away soon, a trip to our dentist may be in order to rule out something more serious.

Throbbing Tooth

You will definitely want to contact our dentist if you have a place in your mouth that throbs. Try to pinpoint where the throbbing is coming from so you can help our dentist know where to start. Anything from tooth decay to advanced gum disease to tooth nerve damage can lead to throbbing. Stabbing and throbbing pain could be signs of an infection, which warrants a call to an emergency dentist.

As a side note, if you happen to have a sinus infection, you may feel like the throbbing is coming from your mouth even though it is not.

Sensitive Tooth

Ouch! Drinking cold or hot beverages make your teeth tingle in an unpleasant way. In other words, you have tooth sensitivity. While you can keep this unwanted sensation under control with at-home care such as using sensitive teeth toothpaste, you should definitely mention the sensitivity at your next check-up. Our dentist may recommend correcting gum recession or even spot decay that could be causing the issue.

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Any irritation in your mouth is a good reason to contact a dentist to potentially prevent future problems. Need a dental provider in Naperville, IL? We are welcoming new patients to Premier Dental. Arrange a consultation with Dr. Zymantas today by contacting us at (630) 355-3339.



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