June 14, 2019

Your teeth are more important than you might realize. A beautiful, healthy smile not only helps you look younger, it helps you feel better. With healthy teeth, you can eat an unrestricted diet and get the nutrients you need. Your teeth also stimulate your jaw bone, staving off osteoporosis. Dr. Kaz Zyantas stresses the importance of preventive care to maintain dental health in his Naperville, IL, practice.

Healthy Habits Your Dentist Wishes You Would Follow

  1. Floss before brushing. Few things are as important to your oral and overall health as flossing. It takes only a minute or two to floss your entire mouth, and should be done before brushing.
  2. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Decay and disease are caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria. Brushing removes these threats to your dental health.
  3. Use mouthwash after brushing to kill bacteria and have fresher breath. Just swishing mouthwash around the mouth can dislodge any food debris that you may have missed with brushing or flossing.
  4. Trade in your manual toothbrush for an electric one. Electric toothbrushes do a much better job of protecting your dental health, by removing plaque and bacteria.
  5. When you do not have time to brush, try to chew sugar-free gum. It will help remove food particles from your teeth by encouraging saliva production.
  6. If you use tobacco products, talk to Dr. Zymantas about quitting. He will be happy to discuss smoking cessation methods that can help you kick the habit.
  7. Schedule regular dental cleanings and annual exams with our dentist. With regular visits, Dr. Zymantas can keep an eye on your dental health, ensuring that if you do have decay or gingivitis, you can be treated in the earliest stages.
  8. Ask our dentist for fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth and look for toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  9. Consider sealants to protect your dental health. Sealants provide your teeth with a protective film, keeping plaque and bacteria from harming your teeth.

For even more ways to prevent decay and infection, call our office to schedule your consultation for improved dental health in Naperville, IL.  Let Dr. Kaz Zymantas give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.



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