April 10, 2019

You may have always heard that orthodontic appointments don’t need to start until your child is old enough for braces. But did you know that early orthodontic visits (and treatments) can make the entire process smoother and more effective? It has to do with the growth and development of children’s jaws and baby teeth. Catching irregularities or halting bad habits early can have many benefits for their orthodontic treatment later. What are the advantages of early orthodontics in Avon, OH.

Jaw Development

Growing bones are still soft in children, making it much easier to correct issues with the jaw with early orthodontics. The jaws play a critical role in the health of the mouth and can be affected by crooked teeth. We can guide the development of the jaw while it is still pliable, making later orthodontic treatment faster and more effective.

Tooth Growth

Teeth very rarely grow in straight. With early orthodontics, we can watch the eruption and growth of both the baby teeth and the adult teeth. Catching signs of malocclusion, crowding, or protruding teeth early will improve the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment later.

Establishing Good Habits

Thumb sucking is a bad habit that many children pick up. Especially if the habit continues past the age of 5, it can lead to protruding teeth, tipped back front teeth, open bite, or crossbite. Stopping these habits early ensure baby teeth and adult teeth grow and develop correctly.

Planning Future Treatment

Early orthodontics are the best way to guide the growth and development of your child’s baby teeth, adult teeth, and jaw. By following their development, we can recommend earlier or more custom treatments. This ensures that we can more easily diagnose and treat issues related to the teeth and jaws

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