December 23, 2015

Don’t let your teeth and gums suffer from the winter blues! This time of year, it’s more important than ever to take proper care of your mouth. The team at Health Centered Dentistry wants to ensure you spend this season spending time with family, not stuck in bed. Don’t let your mouth get in the way of winter fun. Here are a few dental health tips from your dentist in Westchester, CA, Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, to ensure your mouth stays clean well into the spring.

Healthy Dental Habits for Winter

Exposure to the harsh elements of winter can bring out the worst in your body. Chapped lips and dry skin often take over and there isn’t a lot of time leftover to worry about your mouth. But proper oral hygiene is essential in the winter, perhaps even more so than other seasons. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sperbeck to help keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape this time of year. And in the meantime, follow these tips to overcome winter’s biggest culprits.

  • Canker Sores

There’s nothing worse than a painful canker sore. And if you tend to get them more often in winter, it may be a result of indulging in too many acidic holiday treats like cider or spicy food. Swish a mixture of salt and water to cleanse the sore and progress healing.


  • Cold Sores

Exposure to harsh winter weather can bring on a cold sore breakout. To avoid this holiday-picture disaster, try using products with at least an SPF 15 (preferably higher) around your face. Keep your hands sanitized to avoid spreading bacteria and avoid stress at all costs.


  • Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth seem to be especially sensitive to the frigid temperatures of winter. Use a sensitive toothpaste and brush gently for at least two minutes to help alleviate the pain.

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