May 3, 2016

You may not think about your dental health all too often. As long as you brush, floss and see your general dentist twice a year, everything should be good. However, unexpected incidents can lead to a dental emergency that needs to be addressed posthaste.

  1. Chipping a Tooth

Due to biting something too hard or experiencing facial trauma, a tooth can become chipped. This can be a very painful occurrence, so rinse your mouth out with warm water and apply gauze if there is bleeding. If you are able to, hang onto any pieces of the tooth to bring to your dentist.

  1. Extreme Toothache

It can be easy to ignore a toothache, but if it becomes extremely painful or lasts a long time, seek out professional help. Again, you can rinse out your mouth using warm water to help with the pain. In the event there is swelling, you can apply a cold pack to the affected area.

  1. Object Is Stuck Between Teeth

Eating something and having a piece become lodged between two teeth can be incredibly uncomfortable. Do your best to try to floss it out. If floss does not work, do not use other objects to remove it because you could do more harm than good. See your dentist to get the object removed safely.

  1. Knocked Out a Tooth

Instances occur when a tooth becomes entirely dislodged. If you are able to, put the tooth back in its socket until you can see a dentist, which should be as soon as possible. If it does not fit back in its socket, do not force it in. Simply put it in salt water or milk and bring it with you to the dentist’s office.

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