March 17, 2017

For some of our patients, trips to the dentist are reserved only for issues with their teeth, such as a painful cavity or potential infection. They may not necessarily always remember to schedule their regular cleanings and check-ups with their general dentist, which could be a dangerous practice. Dr. Stephen Strout, a periodontist in St Augustine, FL, strives to warn patients about the dangers of ignoring gum disease and skipping regular dental care with your provider. Neglecting your gums can have dire consequences on your oral health. Here are four problems you could be facing.

  1. Embarrassing Bad Breath

You may not even realize it, but others may have noticed an embarrassing problem – bad breath. Patients with problem gums first start to experience bad breath. Unfortunately, unless someone you know tells you about the issue, this problem could go on for years.

  1. Painful and Swollen Gums

Most patients with gum disease first realize something is wrong when they see blood in the sink during brushing. They may also start to notice their gums feel more sensitive and swollen. It is important to see a periodontist if you start seeing these signs of periodontitis.

  1. Increased Instances of Gum Recession

There is also the increased risk of gum recession if you ignore your gum problems. Gum recession happens when the tissue lining your teeth begins to wear away. This could expose your mouth to more sources of bacteria and cause even more discomfort.

  1. More Potential for Tooth Loss

Those at the most advanced stages of periodontitis experience tooth loss. Receding, painful gums become even less stable for your teeth, which eventually start to loosen. Preventing further tooth loss at this point becomes costly with the need for dental implants or other restorative services.

In many cases, your gum discomfort can be treated, and you could avoid these potential problems. Contact Dr. Strout today to find out how to treat your gum issues and get your mouth back to peak performance.



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