January 16, 2016

Bleeding gums are never pleasant to experience, and now is the ideal time to take care of your symptoms, since National Without a Scalpel Day falls on January 16th. Depending on the underlying cause, bleeding gums may go away on their own, or they may require professional treatments such as laser gum surgery. Here are the top four reasons why your gums may be bleeding, and what you can do to stop it.

  1. Gum Disease

Even if you normally exercise excellent oral hygiene, it can take as little as 24-36 hours of dental negligence for gum disease to begin developing in your mouth. Avoid lapses in oral hygiene by taking dental care supplies with you on all camping trips and vacations. You can also stave off gum disease by regularly visiting your dentist. If you suspect that you may already have gum disease, treat it quickly with minimally-invasive laser dentistry in North Barrington, IL.

  1. Smoking

There are already many reasons to quit smoking, and you can add bleeding gums to the list. Toxins in cigarette smoke can irritate your sensitive oral tissues and increase your likelihood of developing gum disease. Now is the perfect time to quit your habit and receive laser gum surgery to improve your health.

  1. Poor Diet

Poor dietary choices can leave your immune system compromised and cause your gums to become more susceptible to infection. Additionally, excessive sugar intake can lead to tooth decay. If a poor diet has already inflicted havoc on your oral health, laser dentistry in North Barrington, IL may help.

  1. Stress

You are probably aware of the damaging effects stress can have on your overall physical health, but did you know it can cause excessive inflammation and bleeding in your gums as well? Stress-reduction techniques may be able to help you get your oral and physical health under control.

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