March 18, 2017

Many adults shy away at the thought of a root canal, so it is only natural that a parent might start to fret if he or she suspects his or her child might require one. Although it sounds like an adult problem, root canals are sometimes necessary for babies and young children. Dr. Jig Patel and Dr. Avani Patel of Schaumberg Dental Studio recommend scheduling a consultation if you notice these signs your child needs a root canal.

  1. Abnormal Coloring of the Tooth

Teeth should be white or off-white in color. When they are yellow, that indicates some bacteria or plaque buildup. However, if you notice further discoloration – such as gray or black teeth – it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible.

  1. Your Child Avoids Chewing with a Certain Tooth

Problem teeth, especially ones that may require root canal treatment, tend to cause discomfort. Rather than complain about or deal with the issue, your child might choose to ignore it and simply not use the affected tooth. If you notice your child is chewing his or her food differently, this could indicate a dental problem.

  1. Sore Lymph Nodes with Possible Drainage

Dental problems can manifest in strange ways. If your child’s throat seems abnormally swollen or constantly draining, the problem could be an infected tooth. The only way to determine the cause for sure is to get in to see a dental or medical professional.

  1. Your Child Complains of Tooth Pain

Infected teeth hurt, and your child may let you know that his or her tooth or mouth hurts. If some regular brushing and flossing does not help, schedule a visit with the dentist. A simple consultation and checkup can help you know for sure if a root canal is necessary. You can find compassionate services for family dentistry in Schaumberg, IL, at Schaumberg Dental Studio. Contact our office today to schedule your child’s next checkup.



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