January 16, 2016

National Popcorn Day falls on January 19th, and if you plan to indulge in the crispy kernels, you may end up with an annoying problem: popcorn hulls getting stuck in your teeth. While these annoying popcorn particles can drive you crazy, they do tend to remind you of the importance of flossing. In fact, if you floss your teeth regularly, you may experience these four surprising benefits:

  1. Prevent Tartar Development

Tartar is a nasty substance that contributes to the development of gum disease. Since it likes to develop between the teeth, flossing regularly is one of the best ways to prevent it from forming.

      2. Reduce Your Chance of Developing Cavities

Flossing regularly is a great way to remove food particles (like popcorn hulls) from the gum pockets between the teeth. If left to fester in the mouth, food particles can become fuel for bacteria that cause cavities and decay.

       3. Help Fight Bad Breath

Flossing every day helps to keep foul breath at bay by removing the sulfur compounds that are secreted by dental bacteria between the teeth. While it is normal for everyone to have bad breath occasionally, if yours is consistently bad, flossing may help. You may also have a more serious dental condition that should be treated by a general dentist in Palm Harbor, FL.

       4. May Minimize Tooth Discoloration

Individuals who do not floss daily are more likely to experience yellow stains on their teeth. Flossing regularly may help to minimize tooth discoloration by preventing the formation of plaque, which can be yellow in color.

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All of these benefits should convince you of the importance of flossing on a daily basis. If you currently have any dental concerns or questions about your oral hygiene routine, we invite you to visit Dr. Dan Knellinger, who is a trusted general dentist in Palm Harbor, FL. Call us today at (727) 228-8000 and we will help you set up your appointment.



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