May 4, 2016

Root canals are quite common in modern dentistry. In fact, there is now the option to be treated by an endodontist, such as Dr. Justin Kolnick, who can apply expertise in performing your root canal in White Plains, NY. However, before embarking on the procedure you should familiarize yourself with the root canal process. Check out these five things that everyone should know about root canals.

1. What It Is

A root canal is a procedure that is performed to treat an injury to a tooth. After an anesthetic is administered, the endodontist or dentist creates an opening in the tooth, removes the injured or infected content, fills the space with permanent material and places a crown over the tooth.

2. What It Is For

Many people may not realize that a root canal helps to protect the entire body. An infection in the body, no matter where it may be, can be detrimental to the body as a whole. Therefore, it should be addressed, and a root canal is an appropriate method to address a few different tooth issues, including:

  • a cracked or chipped tooth
  • large cavities
  • clenching or grinding of the teeth
  • facial trauma
  • and more

3. What It Prevents

A root canal helps to prevent serious issues within your oral health.

  • bone loss: this could lead to gum recession, infection or disease
  • tooth loss: can make you more susceptible to infections in your mouth
  • abscessing of the tooth: can be quite painful

4. The Signs

If you notice any of these signs, you should talk to your dentist or an endodontist about scheduling a root canal.

  • tooth sensitivity
  • pain when pressure is applied to a tooth
  • tooth pain keeps you from sleeping
  • discoloring of the tooth
  • a reoccurring pimple on the gum

Your oral health is essential to preserving the health of your entire body and it should be taken seriously. For more information or for a consultation, contact Dr. Kolnick today.



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