January 18, 2016

As a general dentist in Chandler, AZ, I have seen the effects of certain foods on people’s teeth. From cracking teeth outright to damaging them through sugar buildup, here’s what these foods do and how you can combat them.

  1. Popcorn

It’s really too bad that popcorn can damage your teeth. It’s low in calories (when used reasonably), but promotes the formation of lactic acid, which wears down your teeth. Plus, the kernels have a tendency to get stuck, and if they’re there too long, you risk an abscess or even gum disease. Last but not least, accidentally chomp down on a kernel, and you could break your teeth. Bottom line: when you enjoy National Popcorn Day on January 19, drink plenty of water, chew sugar-free gum, and floss. Throw out the bottom part of the popcorn bag, which is mostly kernels.

  1. Dried Fruits

It’s not exactly true that all fruit is good for you. For example, raisins and fruit roll-ups have highly concentrated loads of sugar. The chewy nature of these fruits makes them adhere to your teeth, leading to more sugar damage.

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

This traditional lunch standby is full of sugar, which in turn promotes bacteria formation. More than that, though, because peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth as well as your teeth, it has more time to cause damage. Don’t fret; you have a healthier alternative when you use natural peanut butter that bypasses the processed sugar. As for jelly, the issues are similar, and there’s no healthy alternative.

  1. Citrus Fruits

That orange has a lot of acid in it. You still should eat it, but be sure to rinse your mouth after eating. Try not to drink acidic liquids such as lemonade, especially those that have hefty doses of both sugar and acid.

Do you have questions about preventing gum disease? I am Dr. William Walden, a general dentist in Chandler, AZ. Give my office a call today at (480) 376-7989.



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