September 18, 2018

Every parent wants to give their child the tools to maintain a healthy smile far into adulthood. One of the most important factors in your child’s dental health is whether they develop a positive relationship with dentistry and their pediatric dentist. How can a parent further this goal, when many have a fear of dentistry themselves? Dr. Carolyn B. Crowell, skilled pediatric dentist in Avon, OH, offers a few helpful tips.

Taking the Stress Out of Visits to the Pediatric Dentist

  1. Begin taking your children to the dentist when they are young. It helps them get familiarized with the sights and sounds of the dental office and get accustomed to visiting a pediatric dentist. The rule of thumb is to take your child to the pediatric dentist when the first tooth erupts or on the first birthday, whichever comes first.
  2. Be positive about the upcoming visit. Avoid discussing any dental health treatments that may seem scary to your child. Avoid telling your child about your own dental experiences, especially if they have not been positive. Stories about braces, crowns, and root canals can be intimidating and confusing. Your little one is not ready for the stories, or those treatments.
  3. Consider a practice run. Some parents find it helpful to have a play session with a pretend visit. Allow your child to be the patient and you act as the pediatric dentist. Look at her teeth, count them, or clean them with a toothbrush. Anything that does not involve needles or drills is fine.
  4. Let your child know how important good dental health really is. Make sure they understand the reasons they should go to the pediatric dentist. It can go a long way to keeping your child motivated in the future.

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Avon, OH? Dr. Crowell is a compassionate, experienced doctor who can offer your child a healthier smile and an excellent patient experience. Call our office to schedule a visit and learn more.



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