January 14, 2019

Congratulations! Your little one is finally ready to visit a dental health provider. Should you simply take your child to your family dentist or opt for a pediatric dentist in Avon, OH instead?

In general, most parents prefer starting with a pediatric dentist. Why? Children have unique dental and social needs. Consequently, you can be sure you and your child will get some added benefits by heading to a practice that concentrates on dentistry for kids.

  1. Patience

Nope, that was not a misspelling! Our littlest patients often require some added patience, which is what you get from a pediatric dentist. Dental providers who work with children regularly become accustomed to warding off issues such as meltdowns and dental fear. Never underestimate how far a little understanding can go, especially when working with a child who has tooth decay and requires a filling.

  1. Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a pediatric dentist practice like ours in Avon, OH is different than what you are likely to see at other dentists’ offices. Not only is it warm and friendly, but everything is geared toward making kids at ease. Young patients respond well when they know they are in a place devoted to their happiness!

  1. Expert advice

Wondering if you should have your child’s teeth protected with a dental sealant? Worried about fluoride? Not sure how to help your little one learn to floss at such a young age? A pediatric dentist has the answers to these and other questions. Remember that you and your children’s pediatric dentist are a team.

  1. Prevention

Want to shelter your child from a lifetime of dental anxiety or rampant tooth decay from improper oral hygiene techniques? Head to a pediatric dentist. At our practice, we focus on prevention rather than intervention. Our greatest pleasure is helping patients and their families set the stage for a lifetime of excellent dental health.

  1. Proper sedation

Sedation and numbing methods for children are not necessarily different than they are for adults. For instance, we talk with patients in terms they can understand so they are not afraid of getting numbed after the discovery of tooth decay or another concern. Additionally, we choose the most conservative treatments and sedation, just right for the needs of your child.

Like the idea of giving your kids a dental health boost? Whether they are in preschool, elementary school, middle school, or high school in the Avon, OH area, contact our pediatric dentist team now to set up an appointment.



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