December 29, 2015

Gum disease is thought to affect over 75 percent of Americans. It starts out as gingivitis, then gets more serious as it progresses to periodontitis. Having gum disease puts you at risk for many diseases. It’s been linked to heart disease, stroke, memory loss, and kidney disease. Brushing and flossing each day can help prevent gum disease from advancing, but you also need to receive periodontal maintenance to take care of your teeth. A professional cleaning ensures that your mouth is getting proper care. Get all the benefits of good oral hygiene when you see your periodontist in Blacksburg, VA on a regular basis.

 Benefits of Regular Dental Care

  • Cosmetic aesthetics – Your smile just looks better when you have periodontal maintenance. You won’t feel self-conscious when talking or smiling when you take care of your teeth.
  • Tartar removal – Even though you may brush and floss at home, you can’t remove all the bacteria and debris which get left in the gum pockets. Your periodontist in Blacksburg, VA has the equipment and technology to keep your mouth healthy and clean.
  • Fresh breath – Bad breath is a symptom of gum disease or gum infection. When you let your periodontist perform regular teeth cleanings, you have better breath.
  • Less gum inflammation – Regular cleanings from your dentist keeps your gum healthy. When they are inflamed or infected, you can be irritable and experience chronic pain in your jaw.
  • Preventative health – Many diseases seemingly unrelated to your teeth often have symptoms which show up in your mouth. Signs of kidney disease or oral cancer may be spotted when your periodontist examines and takes care of your oral cavity.

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