July 27, 2016

The two main stages of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis, each have their own unique symptoms and challenges. Treatment is increasingly successful with early intervention and LANAP® laser gum surgery promotes gum healing and can be an effective solution for those experiencing symptoms of the disease. Watch for these five common signs of gum disease and seek prompt treatment should you notice any of them.


  • Swelling or Bleeding

One of the early indicators many individuals notice is swollen, sore gum tissues. Gums may appear red or bleed during brushing, flossing or eating. Vigilant brushing, flossing and professional cleaning can often reverse the symptoms at this stage.


  • Bad Breath

Because gum disease is caused by bacteria, it can lead to stubborn bad breath. If you notice a foul odor that does not improve with brushing, flossing or oral rinses, it could be due to a gum infection.


  • Recession

As the disease progresses, gum tissues begin to recede, shrinking and exposing more of the root of the tooth. Teeth appear elongated as pockets of infection form below the gum line and the bond between tooth and soft tissue begins to lose strength.


  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a secondary symptom, caused by the recession of the gum tissues. The root of your teeth was not designed to be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as hot or cold drinks, or acidic foods, such as fruit and juices. Contact with these substances causes painful sensations that increase as the disease progresses.


  • Shifting Teeth

As gum tissues lose their grasp on teeth, patients often notice shifting or loose teeth. Teeth may need to be removed if intervention is not sought immediately.


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