February 22, 2016

This February, the 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day. This provides parents with a unique opportunity to teach kids about important dental care while still keeping it light-hearted and fun. Dr. Christopher Henninger, a pediatric dentist, recommends that each parent take the day to engage with their children and solidify their love of oral health and all of the great benefits that go with it. Consider the following fun ways to celebrate the day.


Watch a Movie

Almost every child in the world loves watching movies. Find one of the many kid-friendly films or cartoons that feature the tooth fairy and let their imaginations run wild.  Next time they see someone for pediatric dentistry in Oceanside, CA, they may be more inclined to follow the dentist’s instructions.


Teach Proper Oral Health Habits

It can be fun to teach kids about oral health habits when you do it the right way. Grab a fun, illustrated book or two from the library that details how to brush and floss, when to do it and why. When kids learn why they need to take care of their teeth, they are more likely to do it instead of just following orders. Your kids may also be more accepting if you make the process fun. Turn on some music, get out your wiggles, and dance while you clean.


Eat Healthy Foods

Another great way to celebrate the holiday is by munching on teeth-friendly foods. A pediatric dentist will be likely to approve a spread of different, healthy foods that don’t damage the teeth. It is a great way to show your kids that maintaining oral health can be delicious.


Get Crafty

Kids of all ages generally enjoy crafting, since it lets their imaginations run free. Set out some craft supplies and ask your children to create a tooth fairy-inspired craft. They could make wands, fairy wings, and signs for them to alert the tooth fairy when they lose their teeth.

If you need more tips on how to celebrate this special day, contact someone with years of experience in pediatric dentistry in Oceanside, CA, Dr. Henninger. Contact his office by calling 866-907-8677.



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