January 30, 2017

Millions of people in this country may not realize that they need specialized dental care beyond their general dentist. If you want to maintain or improve your overall oral health, it may be necessary to visit a periodontist. This type of dental provider is an expert in treating issues affecting the gums. They are also the preferred provider when it comes to dental implants. Dr. Vikram Gandhi offers his patients dental implants in Garland, TX and a variety of other options to help improve gum health. Here are the top five reasons you should consider seeing a periodontist.

1. Chronic Tooth Pain

The first reason you might want to visit a periodontist concerns your teeth. If you experience constant pain when chewing or a throbbing soreness from your teeth, a specialist may be able to help you get some relief.

2. Sore or Bleeding Gums

Patients who have swollen, tender or bleeding gums may actually be suffering from the beginning stages of gum disease. Dr. Gandhi and his team specialize in treating gum disorders and can offer solutions to help transform your gums back to health.

3. Gum Recession

Gums that are starting to wear away need immediate attention from a skilled professional. We offer several treatment solutions to help repair receding gums.

4. Family History

If gum disease is part of your family history, learn how you can prevent your own gums from becoming diseased with the helpful advice from our team. Sometimes, it is as simple as changing your daily habits to keep this condition at bay.

5. Chronic Conditions

Patients who have another chronic condition, like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis, could be at an increased risk of developing gum disease. Talking to a specialist in this field could help prevent your gums from being affected.

Call us today to find out more ways we can help improve the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums. Dr. Gandhi looks forward to seeing how he can assist you.



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