December 31, 2015

Going to the dentist for regular care keeps your teeth looking their best. However, there are times when you may require emergency dental care in Jacksonville, FL. It’s important to know when to call your endodontist right away. Here are seven reasons you should see your dental healthcare provider immediately.

  1. If you’re having severe tooth pain, you need to receive emergency dental care in Jacksonville, FL. Your endodontist can diagnose and treat the pain and underlying issue.
  2. A chipped tooth may only seem like a cosmetic problem, but it may indicate more trauma to your mouth than you first realized.
  3. You knocked out a tooth. If the tooth can be salvaged, you need to get into your endodontist in Jacksonville, FL within two hours. Although you may not be able to prevent all mouth injuries, when you’re playing a contact sport, remember your mouth guard.
  4. A broken tooth is another reason to seek emergency dental care in Jacksonville, FL. Chances are that you will be in pain and have more discomfort than with a simple chipped tooth. Protect your teeth by not biting hard candies or ice.
  5. Call your endodontist when you lose a filling so that you don’t further damage this vulnerable tooth.
  6. Mouth injuries which have caused bleeding to your gums are another reason to see your dental care team immediately. It’s always better to be safe when it comes to your teeth.
  7. Getting a piece of food stuck in your teeth doesn’t seem like an emergency, but when something is stuck in a crevice or cannot be removed for a period of time, you risk inflammation of the gums.

Some of these reasons may seem very obvious, but many people try to put off their tooth problems. The quicker you make an appointment with your endodontist in Jacksonville, FL, the more likely you can save your tooth. Schedule your appointment with Allan Sandor D.D.S by calling 904-302-9812.



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