November 7, 2017

We here at Highland Meadows Dental Health Center offer a number of general dentistry services. Dr. Michael Ruff is a knowledgeable dentist with years of experience with dozens of dental treatments. To provide you with further peace of mind, here is precisely what a general dental practitioner does.

What Is General Dentistry?

General dentists are the most common providers of oral health care. In fact, out of all dental practitioners in the United States, general dentists make up the largest percentage. While cosmetic dentists are only able to perform cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening and veneers, a general one can perform a variety of services, including preventive, restorative and cosmetic.

What Does It Consist Of?

Many people have an idea of the kind of dental treatment they need. Seeing a general dentist will be a person’s best bet to receive the optimal treatment. Some of the treatments our general dentist is proficient at performing include:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Oral pathology exam
  • Teeth grinding treatment
  • Dentures
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Osseous surgery
  • Dental fillings
  • Occlusal adjustment

Even if you have no idea what treatment is best for your dental issue, a general dental professional can still help greatly. General dentists need to complete an undergraduate education and then go through an additional four years at an accredited institution.

What Are the Benefits of General Dentistry?

Patients should see a general dentist once every six months for a preventive exam. This exam is also a good time to ask any questions you may have about your oral health in general. These dentists can also help greatly with standard health questions that are not even related to the mouth. People with diabetes or pregnant women should see a dental professional to keep those other health conditions in check.

How Can Dr. Ruff Help?

The office of Dr. Ruff has numerous services available, so contact us in Windsor, CO and schedule an appointment right away. Even if nothing hurts, it is always better to prevent problems than merely react to them.



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