September 15, 2016

With recent improvements in dental technology, those who suffer from gum disease can choose treatments that have the potential of reversing the condition. The FDA-Cleared LANAP® laser gum therapy offers patients a minimally-invasive option that can not only stop gum recession, but can also promote healthy tissue growth and attachment. This is great news for your natural teeth and your overall health.

During Your Procedure

Plan on about two hours for your procedure. During this time, a laser instrument about the size of three human hairs is used to clean the area between your teeth and gums. The laser passes over diseased tissue removing only the unhealthy sections. This also increases access for removing calcifications below the gum line. Once these deposits are eliminated, the laser is used a second time to ensure sterilization and a seal between teeth and healthy tissue. At this stage, your body begins to heal the area, attaching tissue to tooth.

Initial Recovery Period

As healthy tissue begins to grow, it is normal to experience some or all of these symptoms

  • Soreness
  • Tissue color variations
  • Light blood oozing
  • Swelling

Because there are no incisions and no sutures, patients recover quickly and most resume normal daily activities within 24 hours. Over the counter pain medication and ice packs applied at 15-minute intervals during the 24-hour period following surgery aid with soreness and swelling. A soft diet and modified brushing and flossing is recommended during the initial healing phase.

Final Healing

During the weeks following your procedure, your gum tissues will continue to heal and may change hues as they are restored to health and work to reattach to the surrounding teeth. Avoid gum, popcorn and food with seeds, which can become lodged between your teeth and gum tissues.

Be sure to follow the oral hygiene instructions provided by your periodontist in St. Augustine, FL for optimal results. To get more information or schedule an appointment, contact the office of Dr. Stephen Strout today.



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