December 30, 2015

The Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, also known as LANAP®, is one of the most popular technologies today for resolving the issues caused by periodontal disease. This procedure has many advantages over traditional gum disease treatments, making it an excellent choice for many patients.

New Technology

Traditional gum surgery involves slicing into the gum to cut away diseased tissue and bacteria. LANAP®, however, relies on using specialized laser technology to eliminate the bacteria while leaving healthy gums intact. This means that normal gum tissue, tooth roots, and bone that might otherwise be damaged or removed during traditional gum surgery is left alone and allowed to strengthen your oral health.

Staying Strong

Laser gum surgery is also a great choice because it encourages the gums to naturally reattach to the tooth, eliminating the requirements for tissue grafts. This also helps to protect against bone loss and gum recession, ensuring that your mouth stays in great condition. You might even be able to avoid dental implants in Miami, FL.

Successful and Sanitary

With LANAP®, the bacteria are killed on the spot rather than just pulled from your mouth. This reduces the likelihood of infection, inflammation, and further complications. It also means that the potential for periodontitis to re-occur is lower.

Your Comfort

This technique is much less painful than traditional gum surgery; rather than complete sedation most patients only need a little bit of local anesthetic. There is no cutting or suturing required when using LANAP®.

The recovery for traditional surgery can take several days or even weeks, but with LANAP® most patients find that their recovery takes less than 24 hours. There is minimal recuperation required after the procedure is completed, and the procedure itself can typically be completed in two hours or less.

Get Started

LANAP® is an excellent choice for those who want to improve their oral health. If you have suffered from periodontal disease, then you may be a candidate for LANAP® laser gum surgery or dental implants in Miami, FL. Contact our office today at (305) 504-2682 to set up an appointment with Dr. Ross.



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