May 18, 2017

Lasers are the cutting edge in cutting, with good reason! Surgical lasers used in dental offices and elsewhere in the medical field produce no vibrations or heat, meaning there is little to no pain and quicker recovery. Do you need some dental work done? Here is how to determine if laser dentistry is right for you.

Are You Busy?

When you notice that reduced pain means you do not need as much anesthesia, it is easy to see how appointment times are reduced with laser dentistry. Your dentist does not need to completely numb you and check multiple times that you are ready for the procedure. The faster recovery time associated with lasers also lets you get back to everything that needs doing much quicker.

Are You Dentist-Shy?

Both adults and children can experience anxiety about going to the dentist. On the one hand, this has created an area of dentistry known as sedation dentistry. However, the reduced bleeding and discomfort associated with lasers means there is less to be nervous about. Lasers works for crowns, cavities and oral complications like lip- and tongue-ties. After a few visits, we hope your anxiety is much reduced.

Do You Have an Autoimmune Disorder?

Lasers are very precise, that is why there is less bleeding. This also means there is less exposed tissue which reduces your risk for infection. In patients where infections occur easily or have dramatic consequences, a laser procedure can reduce risk and increase peace of mind. This does not mean you can shirk your regular hygiene, lasers are science, not magic.

Laser dentistry is the new wave of dental treatment and is here to stay. From all of us at Dr. O’Brien’s office, we hope laser fillings and other procedures can benefit your health and well-being. Call our office today to find out more or to schedule an appointment.



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