September 5, 2017

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, your options can seem a little frightening. The important thing to know is that when it is treated and the patient follows through with medical advice, periodontal disease is manageable, and the treatments can even leave patients infection-free after a time. There are a few different gum disease treatment options, but the one that patients prefer is the laser gum treatment.

How Laser Gum Treatment Works

When Dr. Ruff uses lasers to clean infected tissue, there are a couple of things happening.

  • The focused light of the laser is removing actual pieces of tissue that have become too damaged by the infection to be healthy
  • It is also removing bacteria from the gum line, leaving teeth and gums healthier, so the gum tissue that remains is able to regrow and return to good health.

Laser treatments can be used alongside other treatments, like gum tissue grafts, but there are some patients who are not candidates for this kind of procedure.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser gum treatment is designed to work on the “pockets” of infection that form when gum disease advances, so you may not be in an advanced enough state of the condition for these treatments to be ideal. That would be excellent, and it means that you can probably work with the dentist to improve your oral hygiene instead. It’s also true that after a certain point, more radical surgical interventions may be needed, because laser treatment cannot replace bone mass lost to advanced gum disease.

Make an Appointment With the Dentist

If you are looking to discuss gum disease treatment options, contact us today for an appointment. Our office associates will be available during regular business hours. Remember, the sooner you make your appointment, the sooner you can get help improving your oral health by treating your gum disease in Windsor, CO.



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