September 9, 2016

Gum disease is a highly prevalent heath condition across the United States. When it becomes widespread in a patient’s mouth, he or she is going to need immediate gum treatment in Houston, TX. While this sounds intensive at first, great advancements have been made, and today, many individuals are able to treat their gum tissue with LANAP laser therapy.

Less Invasive

Gum treatment in the past required the periodontist to actually cut into the gum tissue to reach the point of infection. Afterward, the tissue would have to be sutured back together. This naturally created quite a bit of anxiety in many patients. However, with laser treatment now available, periodontists can target the infection without having to cut into tissue. This means tissue that is actually healthy is left alone and only bacteria get eliminated.

More Regeneration

Treating gum disease in the past might have prevented the infection from spreading any further, but any damage that was done could not be reversed. A huge benefit of getting LANAP laser therapy is that it actually promotes the regeneration of bone tissue in the jaw. A healthy jaw bone makes it far less likely that your teeth are going to fall out prematurely.

More Benefits

There are actually quite a number of additional benefits patients stand to gain with LANAP.

• Better for patients with pre-existing health conditions, including diabetes and hemophilia
• Faster recovery time in the days following the procedure
• No gum recession results from the treatment
• Reduced bleeding and pain during the treatment

Schedule an Appointment to Learn More

LANAP has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so it is a completely safe procedure to undergo. Leave the well-being of your gums in the hands of our professional periodontists, including Dr. J. Robert Friedberg. Your gums can be restored to perfect health, and all you need to do is call our office.



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