December 31, 2015

If you’re experiencing gum recession, you may need a dental procedure to cover exposed teeth roots and ensure excellent oral health. You have two main options of treatment: traditional gum grafts and the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. However, the latter is quickly becoming more preferred as it is less invasive, resulting in minimized discomfort for patients. In many cases, patients and dentists in Raleigh, NC alike prefer PST™ to traditional gum grafts.

The Difference Between Traditional Gum Grafts and PST™

In a traditional gum graft procedure, the dentist will remove a portion of healthy gum from one area of the mouth and suture it over the receding gum line. Patients must wait for two areas of the mouth to heal and can only target one or two teeth at a time. During PST™ procedures, dentists make a small hole in the gum tissue with a needle, begin loosening the tissue gently and slide the gum line into the ideal spot. Naturally, the gums will regenerate the tissue.

The Benefits of PST™

Relative to traditional gum grafts, PST™ comes with a range of benefits including decreased patient discomfort and faster recovery times. Because the procedure is significantly less invasive than grafting, the patient will not need to endure incisions or stitching. Moreover while the gum tissue will need time to heal fully, the procedure yields an immediate improvement in your smile’s and gum line’s appearance. Furthermore, your dentist can treat multiple sites of gum recession in a single session, while traditional gum grafting necessitates multiple sessions when more than one or two teeth are involved.

If you have receding gums, it may be the result of natural aging, periodontal disease and/or abrasive habits. Regardless, you should consult with a general dentist in Raleigh, NC regarding your treatment options. Feel free to contact Dr. Paresh C. Naran at 919.263.338 and set up an appointment today.



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