January 3, 2019

Lasers have revolutionized many medical and dental procedures to make it easier for patients to get the treatments they need. At Cheyenne Mountain Dental, we are proud to offer several laser dentistry procedures to help our patients obtain better oral health, beautiful smiles and looks they can be happy about.

Laser Procedures We Offer

Before laser dentistry, many procedures were extensive, painful and difficult to recover from. Now, we offer the following list of laser procedures to improve the overall dental experience of our patients.

Treatment for gum disease
Crown lengthening
Dental fillings
Soft tissue recontouring
Root canals

These procedures are more gentle treatment options and allow for those who are anxious and fearful of the dentist to obtain the treatment they need. Many patients fear the discomfort and pain that comes from dental treatments and laser allows for that to be avoided.

What Are the Benefits?

Both soft and hard tissue lasers are used, depending on the type of treatment you need. Some of the benefits of choosing laser dentistry include:

Minimized bleeding and decreased risk of blood clotting
Reduced need for sutures when soft tissue lasers are used
May not even require anesthesia
Lower chance of bacterial infections because the area is sterilized by the laser
There is less damage to the surrounding tissues during these procedures.

While lasers can’t be used for every procedure, they are available for symptoms that were previously uncomfortable or extremely painful. Dr. Davis is a dentist in Colorado Springs, CO, that is focused on providing quality dental care to his patients in an atmosphere that is as comfortable as possible.

Give Us a Call

If you have avoided dental treatment out of fear of pain, allow us to soothe your fears with the benefits of laser dentistry. Call us today to learn more about the procedures we offer and which ones you can benefit from.



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