February 22, 2016

There are a surprising number of days dedicated to delicious snacks and treats. National Pie Day is January 23, National Ice Cream Day is July 17th, and February 24th is National Tortilla Chip Day. Unlike pie and ice cream, tortilla chips are a sugar-free snack that just about anyone can enjoy. However, parents should know that any child with braces should not eat tortilla chips, even on this snack’s own national day. People with sensitive gums may also struggle to enjoy crisp, crunchy foods like tortilla chips. If gum tissue has been damaged by moderate or advanced stages of periodontal disease, laser gum surgery is an excellent solution. Dr. James Carreiro is a laser dentist in Largo, FL, that offers this valuable form of treatment so that more people can enjoy improved oral health and all of their favorite foods.


Ways to Enjoy Tortilla Chips

The crisp texture and salty taste of tortilla chips makes them the perfect snack for parties. Instead of spending lots of money on pre-made bean dips and other toppings, try assembling a few preparations at home. Not only can you save some cash, this is a good way to control the nutritional content of your food. You can easily make dishes such as:

  • Bean dip with black beans, pinto beans, or a combination
  • Layered bean dip with salsa and fresh chopped vegetables
  • Nachos topped with beans, salsa, Spanish rice, smoked chicken, and tomatoes
  • Smoky tortilla soup topped with crushed chips


Alternatives to Tortilla Chips

If you or someone in your family cannot enjoy tortilla chips, try plantain chips instead. They are not low fat but they are delicious topped with bean dip, salsa, and other familiar condiments. Some crackers can be enjoyed by people with braces and can be added to tortilla soup or used with bean dip.


Heal Gum Damage

If gum damage is preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods, contact Largo Laser Dentistry. Our friendly office staff can schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Carreiro. Call 727-228-8001 to learn more.



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