May 4, 2016

A dental emergency can strike at any moment, and it is often a struggle to maintain composure in the face of the situation. Whether you are dealing with a loose or broken tooth, bleeding or other issues requiring immediate attention, the best response is to keep calm and seek out emergency dental care in Dubuque, IA. Dr. James Fili can treat urgent situations and provide treatment. In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate the injury and provide temporary relief while you await treatment from a periodontist.

Do’s and Do Not’s

There are some basic actions that can either help or hurt when you are dealing with an emergency. To avoid making your situation any worse, you should familiarize yourself with best practices. Following these guidelines will prevent your emergency from unnecessarily worsening:

  • Do dislodge food between teeth. Whatever the nature of your emergency is, food getting caught will worsen it. Use dental floss to clear your mouth.
  • Do relieve toothaches by rinsing with warm water. This can clear out bacteria and provide temporary relief to pain.
  • Do salvage any teeth or parts of teeth that have been removed. If you lose a tooth and can place it back in the socket, try to do so.
  • Do not remove tissue material from a tooth that has been dislodged. This can damage it permanently.
  • Do not let a tooth dry out. Keep it in saltwater or milk while you are awaiting treatment. This increases the likelihood it may be salvaged.


Trust an Emergency Dental Professional

When you have a dental problem that needs immediate care, you need to call an emergency-ready professional. The dental staff at the office of Dr. Fili is ready to help and resolve your problem. When you have an urgent need, you can trust the care we provide. For assistance, you can reach out to us by calling (563) 557-7569.



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