December 29, 2015

LANAP laser surgery is an improved version of traditional periodontal surgery that is designed to help rebuild damaged gums or remove bacteria buildup from the gum line. This procedure is minimally invasive, involving no cutting or suturing of the gums. It can also be performed by a local dentist of periodontist in Orange Park, FL, so you won’t be left struggling to find a specialist.

What Is LANAP?

 LANAP is a laser gum surgery in which a laser is moved along the gum line, removing unhealthy gum tissue and leaving the healthy tissue intact. It is good for getting rid of gum tissue that has been damaged by disease or bacteria while still leaving the gum line even and attractive. The laser probe can even be inserted under the gum to clean out bacteria against the root of the tooth.

 What Can it Do for You?

 LANAP gum surgery treats the root cause of gum disease, the bacteria that forms along the gum line. It reduces the amount of gum tissue that is lost so patients are less likely to experience receding gums or bone loss. Unlike other types of surgery, LANAP also results in minimal bleeding or pain, and patients often recover on the same day. Patients with medical conditions that might limit their traditional surgery options can also often have LANAP surgery without serious repercussions.

 What Is the Procedure Like?

 A small probe with a laser tip is run along the gum line and inserted under the gums. The heat of the laser kills bacteria helps close up any pockets that might attract more bacteria and decay. The laser is then used to close the gap between the gum and the tooth to prevent bacteria from getting in.

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