December 17, 2018

We rarely think of children having problems with their teeth, since their baby teeth fall out to make room for another set. However, children of all ages can, and do, have dental issues. It is important to not only take great care of their little smiles, but to make sure that they have a good experience with their pediatric dentist in Avon, OH. The best way to achieve both of these goals is to schedule regular visits to the pediatric dentist every six months and to call the dental office when your child has any of the symptoms below:

Sensitive Teeth: If your child complains of discomfort when drinking or eating foods with hot or cold temperatures, it may be time to see the pediatric dentist. Tooth sensitivity can occur from wear on the enamel, gum recession or from gum disease.

Tooth Pain: Toothaches are typically caused by cavities. When sugary foods and drinks are left on the teeth, the bacteria in your mouth combine with them to make plaque, which can lead to cavities if not properly cleaned.

Bleeding Gums: This is a sure sign of gum disease. This infection of the gum tissue is typically the result of poor oral hygiene. Additional symptoms include swollen gums, bad breath, sensitive teeth, gum recession, and wider periodontal pockets. If detected early, your pediatric dentist can treat the infection before any permanent damage is done.

Sores: Canker sores usually last only a week or so and then disappear but they often reoccur. Have your pediatric dentist evaluate the sore to ensure that it is benign as soon as it appears.

Over-Retained Baby Teeth: For some children, baby teeth do not fall out as expected, leaving their permanent teeth impacted. The pediatric dentist may need to extract baby teeth and guide permanent teeth into their proper place.

Wisdom Teeth: These additional teeth erupt late in the teen years. When there is not enough room for them, they can become impacted. A pediatric dentist will remove the wisdom teeth to prevent any damage to the surrounding permanent teeth.

To ensure that your children receive the highest quality care, schedule a visit to Dr. Carolyn B. Crowell. Our skilled pediatric dentist can help your children build healthy habits to maintain beautiful smiles for a lifetime.



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