February 27, 2018

Almost 200 million American adults are missing at least one tooth, and close to 35 million are missing all their teeth. That’s a lot of people that are uncomfortable with the way they look, as they lack confidence in their smile. It’s not just the emotional and mental effects of missing teeth that are a problem, but they can also lead to oral health problems if left untreated over time. Dental implants are a viable solution to replacing one or all missing teeth, and it’s important that you find an expert like Drs. Saunders or Dickson to ensure your mouth is healthy and they are placed correctly.

Are You Ready for Implants?

As with any other treatment performed by your periodontist, it’s important to determine if you are a good candidate before planning on implants. Good candidates for implants are typically healthy overall with good oral hygiene habits and healthy mouths. Smoking, pregnancy, some medications and some systemic diseases can also affect your ability to get implants, but that is something you can discuss during your consultation.

To have implants successfully placed, you must also have enough jawbone to support the implant, and your gums must be free of bacteria and gum disease. If this is a stumbling block on your way to replacing your teeth, our doctors can help you find a path to treatment.

Why a Periodontist?

Periodontists receive extra training in gum-related issues, including gingivitis and periodontitis. This means that they have experience dealing with the conditions that must be treated before implants can be placed. If there is bacteria or infection in the gums, it should be cared for before implants, so it doesn’t spread through the rest of the body.

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At Shenandoah Valley Implant Institute, we have experts in the field that are prepared to not only place your implants, but first determine if you are a good candidate and if it is safe for you to have them. Contact us today to schedule up a consultation and start your journey to a smile you can be proud of.



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