March 24, 2016

In terms of modern-day epidemics, you will not find many conditions that fit the definition better than gum or periodontal disease. According to data shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost half of all American adults over the age of 30 suffer from some form of gum disease. For many, the ultimate outcome of this condition will be complete tooth loss. The saddest aspect of all of this is that effective treatments are so readily available to all. By taking advantage of them now, you can avoid the potential of becoming just another statistic.

The bacteria that causes gum and periodontal disease flourishes when it is allowed to get below your gum line. There, it can continue to spread unabated. Brushing, flossing, and the other components of routine dental care may be powerless to stop its spread. However, advanced treatments such as the BIOLASE REPaiR Protocol can halt it in its tracks.

How It Works

The REPaiR Protocol ranks among the most effective forms of laser gum disease treatment in Chicago, IL. It utilizes an advanced WaterLase dental laser that relies on a combination of light energy and water to attack diseased gum tissue while reducing the risk of damage or swelling in the surrounding dental structures. The treatment protocol itself consists of three stages:

  • A comprehensive pre-treatment assessment of both your oral and your overall physical health, coupled with treatment planning.
  • The treatment period itself, during which Dr. Singh destroys the pockets of diseased gum tissue and preps the bone for the natural gum reattachment process.
  • Follow-up care including a 90-day reevaluation to monitor the healing process.

Typically, you are able to resume your daily activities immediately following your treatment. Dr. Singh may recommend some dietary restrictions for the first couple days. Thanks to the precision of the treatment, post-operative swelling is virtually non-existent, leading to little or no pain.

Why let even another day pass without taking action to fight the effects of gum disease? We here at Periodontal Implant Associates have the tools and technology at our disposal to help combat this condition. With your active participation in your treatment, Dr. Singh can get you back to enjoying a bright, healthy smile once again. Call us today to learn more about the benefits that the REPaiR Protocol has to offer you.



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