July 18, 2018

Have you ever been confused about whether you should see a dentist or periodontist for an oral health issue? You’re in good company. Many people don’t understand how various oral health professionals differ from one another. Since your treatment outcome largely depends on what type of professional you see for your oral issues, here are the two key differences between a periodontist and a dentist.


A dentist treats many different parts of the mouth, including the gums and teeth. Dentists typically work on a wide variety of oral cases and have a broad focus when it comes to oral health care. A dentist can clean teeth, remove teeth, treat tooth decay and provide general oral health education to patients. Periodontists, on the other hand, have a more narrow and specialized focus. A periodontist focuses primarily on gum tissue and offers gum disease treatment. Most cases referred to periodontists are severe or complex and require the expertise of a specialist. Treatments frequently provided by periodontists include scaling or root planing, oral surgery and other procedures designed to improve gum health.


Dentists and periodontists are both required to finish dental school after obtaining an undergraduate degree. However, periodontists are required to complete three additional years of postdoctoral training in their chosen field. It is this specialized training that qualifies them to provide skilled gum treatments.

When To Schedule a Periodontal Visit

If you have gum sensitivity or need gum disease treatment, schedule an appointment with your periodontist rather than your dentist. Dr. Alejandro Kovacs is experienced in providing a variety of periodontal services, including deep pocket cleanings, root planing, gingivectomies and bone grafting procedures.

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There is no better time than now to reduce oral pain and improve the health of your gums. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Kovacs today, contact Pinnacle Implants & Periodontics in Longview, TX.



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