February 22, 2016

One of the issues we may see in young children is an attached frenum either at the upper or lower lip and gum region or under the tongue. These frena are just muscular attachments, and in most people, they do not cause any problems. For some children, the attachments may interfere with speaking, eating, or other potential developmental issues. These attachments may be referred to as “lip-tied” or “tongue-tied.” When we provide pediatric dentistry, we may evaluate a patient’s oral anatomy to determine whether a frenectomy is necessary. Our state-of-the-art office uses laser dentistry in Vista, CA, to address frena problems for children.


What to Look For

As a parent, you may wish to be aware of ways a frenum may affect your child. Some things that may stand out include:

  • An attachment that runs all the way to the tip of the tongue
  • A large space between the top two front teeth
  • A gap that persists even after orthodontia
  • Trouble eating, speaking, or swallowing
  • Inflamed gums and irritation
  • The frenum is causing your child pain


How to Correct It

Once we have determined whether a frenectomy is necessary, we will discuss the procedure with you to determine the best care for your child. Our preferred method involves laser dentistry in Vista, CA, to reduce the amount of swelling or bleeding that may occur with any dental procedure. Generally, the recovery period may also be shorter with less pain, making it an ideal form of surgery in pediatric dentistry.


We Can Help

All children have different needs, and we want to help you by providing care and treatment to address any dental issues for healthy teeth throughout their lifetimes. Please give Dr. Christopher Henninger a call at (760) 652-8384 to talk to our staff and get answers to your pediatric dentistry questions. We are happy to schedule an appointment to evaluate your child’s dental health.



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