January 15, 2016

When most think of a general dentist in Raleigh, NC, they picture a sadistic man or woman standing over you holding an industrial-sized drill with a deranged look on his or her face. While we all know that image comes nowhere near describing how dentists and periodontists are in reality, the use of the drill in dental work has given providers a bad rap. However, recent advances in the science supporting dental treatment now allows dentists like Dr. Naran to offer you options such as laser gum therapy. So abundant are the minimally-invasive treatment options available to providers that January 16 has even been designated as National Without a Scalpel Day. With all of the popularity that laser dentistry has enjoyed in recent years, some may even question whether or not the drill even belongs in a dentist’s treatment arsenal anymore.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser gum therapy now offers patients like you a number of advantages as opposed to treatments using a dental drill. These include:

  • Less pain, requiring the use of less anesthesia
  • Greater treatment accuracy
  • Minimal swelling
  • Reduced anxiety overall

Because of the greater level of accuracy that laser dentistry offers, Dr. Naran is often able to effectively treat any problems that you may be experiencing in less time. This translates to a faster recovery with longer-lasting results.

Dentists Will Always Need the Drill

However, even with all of the advantages that laser gum therapy offers, it has not and likely will not ever eliminate the need for a dental drill. In many cases, the drill is the most effective method at delivering treatment, such as preparing teeth for crowns or performing a root canal. Given the level of expertise that your general dentist in Raleigh, NC has developed in using it, you will likely still be able to enjoy minimal discomfort when it is needed.

While it seems as though dental drills will not be going anywhere anytime soon, that does not mean that you have to fear them, or even worry about the prospect of having them used on you. With a strong dental hygiene regiment, as well as the many forms of laser gum therapy that Dr. Naran offers, you may be able to avoid scenarios where a dental drill may be needed altogether. To learn more about the many treatment options that we offer, simply call us at 919.263.3388 to schedule an appointment. 



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