February 22, 2016

National Tortilla Chip Day is celebrated in the United States on February 24, 2016. A tortilla chip is a favorite snack made from corn tortillas, cut into triangles, and then fried. They are also made from masa and baked. Tortilla chips are the traditional complimentary appetizer in Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants throughout the U.S. Although first mass-produced in the late 1940s in Los Angeles, tortilla chips were always thought to be a Mexican food known as tostadas. When you reach for chips and salsa to celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day, make sure to keep smart snacking in mind, such as whole wheat chips and organic salsa, because your dental health contributes to your overall health.


The Value of Healthy Teeth and Gums

If you notice tooth or gum sensitivity when you are enjoying tortilla chips or any other food, it’s crucial to have an oral examination. Your dentist can diagnose receding gums and other forms of periodontal disease. A diagnosis of receding gums may warrant a referral to a periodontist. Dr. Thomas Mone is a dental specialist who can determine the best course of treatment to prevent gum disease and help protect your teeth. The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is an innovate method for repairing gum recession through a pinhole in the gum. The gum tissue is loosened and pulled over the area with gum recession. Benefits include:

  • Incision- and suture-free procedure
  • Minimal pain and less healing time
  • Enhanced cosmetic appearance
  • Reduced side effects
  • Instant results

Receding gums are a form of periodontal disease, which is a result of poor oral health and can lead to tooth loss. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the better the outcome.


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