February 8, 2016

Here at Dr. Friedberg’s office, we don’t want our patients to suffer from a toothache any more than is absolutely necessary. We recognize that many patients ignore a toothache as something that will go away when it may be signs of a bigger problem. In order to celebrate National Toothache Day on February 9th, we wish to educate our patients about the signs that may point to the need for a root canal in Houston, TX. If you deal with any of these common signs, call your endodontist immediately.

Differentiating Types of Pain

Not all types of tooth pain are signs of the need for a root canal, and many people avoid seeing a professional because they are afraid of the treatment. Fortunately, dental technology has made treatment fairly simple and painless for the patient, and a few minutes of discomfort may save your teeth.

If you notice any of the following, it’s time to call a professional.

  • Serious, debilitating pain when pressure is placed on the area or when you are eating
  • Teeth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures, or pain in the area that remains even after the stimulus has been removed from the mouth
  • Teeth that seem darker than normal
  • Swelling or tenderness in the gum area around the tooth that is hurting
  • Tiny, pimple-like bump around the painful tooth on the gums

Any of these symptoms may point to the need for a root canal, but it’s impossible to know what you need without a full examination by a qualified professional.

Live Pain Free

While toothaches are common for one reason or another, we don’t feel that patients should live with that pain when treatment is available. A root canal is used to remove the decayed and infected portion of the tooth to hopefully leave your mouth free from pain. If you notice tooth pain that seems abnormal and doesn’t go away after a few days, call us to schedule an appointment at 866-906-3619.



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