January 16, 2016

In spirit of National Popcorn Day, Dr. William Greider wants to stress the importance of flossing. Although popcorn is an appetizing snack for many, not properly caring for teeth immediately after eating it can cause some discomfort. Not removing all pieces of popcorn and other foods from in between your teeth and gums can also lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

How Stuck Popcorn Affects Your Oral Health

Popcorn contains hulls that can get trapped in between your teeth and gums. Often times, you may not notice pieces of those hulls until you go to eat something else much later. At that point, each bite you take can cause those pieces to scrape and cut your gums or become further embedded into your mouth. The longer it takes for you to floss your teeth, the harder it will be for you to remove those offending pieces on your own. In fact, many people often have to go and see a general dentist in Fort Myers, FL to have their teeth professional cleaned and flossed to get rid of any trapped popcorn and debris that is stuck in between their teeth and gums.

See a general dentist in Fort Meyers, FL if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Old food particles in mouth
  • Pain in teeth or gums, especially when chewing
  • Unexplained bleeding from gums

Of course, some people may not experience any signs of popcorn lingering in their mouth right away. However, a lack of symptoms does not mean that they are in the clear. The best and easiest way to prevent complications is to rinse and floss immediately after eating popcorn.

If you suspect there is popcorn or something else stuck in your gums, do not hesitate to contact the Greider Center for Advanced Dentistry by calling (239) 494-5577 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Greider.



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