May 4, 2016

A root canal in Westchester, CA becomes necessary when the pulp inside a patient’s tooth becomes infected and is causing severe discomfort. Despite what you may have heard about root canals being extremely painful, the truth actually says the contrary. As soon as you start having problems with your oral health, talk to your general dentist immediately.

What Causes Pulp Decay?

 The pulp in one of your teeth may get infected due to that tooth undergoing multiple dental procedures. Other common issues that necessitate a root canal include:

  • Excessive bruxism
  • Injury on the face
  • Developing a large cavity
  • Large chips or cracks build up on a tooth

If the issue is not dealt with in a timely manner, then you may lose the tooth entirely.

What Are the Symptoms of Having a Tooth With Pulp Decay?

 Extreme pain within a tooth that goes far beyond a normal toothache is the most common symptom. This pain may even get so severe that you are incapable of going to sleep at night. You may also see that one of your teeth has become substantially discolored. Lastly, if a pimple keeps popping up on your gum tissue, then you likely have an infection.

What Is Entailed With the Procedure?

 Despite what you may have heard, getting a root canal is not particularly painful. This is due to the fact that your general dentist will provide you with anesthetic before starting. Once you are comfortable, a hole is made in your tooth by which the affected pulp can be removed. Afterward, the opening is filled with hygienic, permanent materials, and you will need a crown in order to strengthen the tooth.

Get Relief From Tooth Pain

 Do not delay getting essential treatment. You can call 844-855-8824 in order to reach the office of Dr. Glenn Sperbeck. We offer a wide range of services, so no matter what has gone wrong with your oral structures, we will likely have a solution.



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