December 3, 2015

Gum disease is condition that affects more than a person’s teeth and gums. It also affects their glycemic control. People who have gum disease have a harder time keeping their blood sugar levels on track. To promote more awareness about gum disease dangers, Dr. Szymanowski encourages everyone to see a periodontist in Sacramento, CA for treatment.

Gum Disease Can Lead to Diabetes

It is possible for one to be a diabetic and not even be aware that they have gum disease. As the disease-causing bacteria grows and spreads throughout the body, so does the damage that occurs from exposure. Healthy gum and bone tissue in the oral cavity becomes weak and more susceptible to infection. Many people have diabetes are not aware of how much trouble their teeth and gums are in.

Regular Dental Care Is a Must

It is imperative for anyone who has diabetes or who is at risk for the condition to see their dentist regularly. The changes that often occur when one has gum disease are not always evident to the naked eye. The changes often happen on a miniscule and cumulative scale. However, with an early diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to prevent some of the more uncomfortable and unappealing symptoms of gum disease, such as receding and bleeding gums and tooth loss.

Developing good glycemic control is a life-long process. There will be days where blood sugar levels are easy to control and days where they are not. No matter how well a person is able to keep their blood sugar levels where they should be, they will still need ongoing dental care to ensure their teeth and gums are disease free and healthy.

Give your teeth and gums a fighting chance against gum disease so you can enjoy better health. Contact Campus Common Periodontics at (916) 999-1305 for a consultation with our periodontist, Dr. Szymanowski.



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