November 3, 2017

Did you know that gum disease can increase your risk of systemic illness? Gum disease may seem, on the surface, like a small issue but it actually has far reaching consequences. It starts as bacteria accumulating on the plaque on your teeth. Without proper brushing and flossing to remove it, the bacteria quickly infect periodontal (gum) tissue, resulting in bleeding gums. The infection causes chronic inflammation, which taxes your immune system. The bacteria can also be breathed into your lungs or enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout your body. Your likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory ailments, and stomach ulcers is impacted by gum disease in Hendersonville, NC.

3 Ways Periodontal Infection Affects Your Body

  1. Diabetes: Diabetics are at greater risk of developing gum disease and at greater harm from the effects of the infection. Periodontal disease can make it more difficult for a diabetic to control their sugar levels.
  2. Respiratory Ailments and Stomach Ulcers: The bacteria that live in your mouth can be breathed into your lungs or swallowed into your stomach, causing problems in both locations.
  3. Heart Disease and Stroke: The bacteria that cause gum disease in Hendersonville, NC, can circulate throughout your organs. It can also create chronic inflammation, which lowers your body’s defenses to conditions like heart disease and stroke.

Treatment for Gum Disease Can Be Stress-Free

To protect overall health, those who suffer from bleeding gums should schedule a visit to their dentist. Periodontal disease therapies have advanced dramatically and are more convenient than ever. Doctors Glenn J. Shefter and Greg S. Fertik offer gentle laser treatment for gum disease. Other available treatments for gum disease include antibiotics and deep cleanings.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease, call our office to schedule a consultation. Drs. Shefter and Fertik provide treatments that can help prevent periodontal infection from impacting your overall wellness.



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