October 21, 2016

Cancer is a complicated class of diseases with many different potential risk factors. The more we learn about different cancers the more risk factors we discover. While certain factors, such as genetics, are beyond individual control, certain lifestyle choices and healthcare decisions can increase or decrease a person’s personal risk profile. Some new research published in The Journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment supports earlier findings of a World Health Organization data analysis. Today scientists are confident that periodontal disease (gum disease) numbers among the risk factors associated with breast cancer.


Research that Affects Your Life


Intense research and study in the past few decades have revealed several important risk factors associated with the development of breast cancer. These include tobacco use, diet, as well as family health history. While dentists and oral health care professionals have long been aware of the problems posed by periodontal disease, new findings suggest that this condition poses risk to parts of the body beyond the teeth and gums. For instance, gum disease has been linked to:


  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pregnancy problems, including low birth weight


What Leads to Other Diseases?


Precisely what mechanism leads periodontal disease to trigger the development of so many other diseases is being actively investigated. Today, we understand that inflammation in the body is an indication of overall poor health. Because gum disease begins with inflammation, this single symptom points at the possibility of other existing or developing health problems. Inflammation can be seen in blood work through the presence of C-reactive protein. This protein decreases when inflammation is brought under control by treating gum disease.


Getting Effective Treatment


Dr. McIntyre is here to help patients enjoy improved health through professional dental care services. If you are concerned about how gum disease might be affecting your health, just give our office a call and schedule an appointment.



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