February 10, 2016

Imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day scenario with your special someone. Everything is present to enjoy a romantic experience together, when you suddenly realize that your bad breath is not going away. Aside from putting a veritable hex on your Valentine’s Day festivities, chronic halitosis can be a sign of gum or periodontal disease. If you have been trying several different treatment options to combat your bad breath with absolutely no avail, it could be because the underlying cause is much more complex. Not to worry; gum disease treatment in Dunedin, FL can get you back to enjoying those intimate moments with your sweetheart.

Halitosis and Gum Disease

Most people are already well aware of the more apparent consequences of gum and periodontal disease. These can include:

However, a much more silent yet equally undesirable side effect of gum disease is halitosis. While you may think that the solution to solving your constant bad breath lies in the continued use of mouth wash or mints, the chronic nature of the problem ensures that such treatments will only provide temporary relief.

The reason why gum disease causes bad breath is due to plaque buildup. As plaque accumulates, it causes your gums to recede, allowing bacteria to form in small pockets. After it takes hold, this bacteria migrates to other areas of your mouth, including your tongue. There, any food, nasal secretions, or dry skin cells stuck in your grooved taste buds may serve as the perfect substrate to perpetuate the bacteria’s growth. Brushing your tongue may help, yet without further treatment, the origin of the bacteria remains.

Help is Available

Fortunately, your periodontist has a number of different treatment options to halt and even reverse the spread of bacteria due to gum disease. In as little as one treatment session, your life can finally be free from the burden of perpetual bad breath.

Bad breath need not be your constant companion. Even when its cause is gum disease, our doctors can offer you all of the treatment options needed to effectively eliminate it. Our staff here at Knellinger Dental Excellence has helped countless other patients put a halt to their halitosis; why can’t you be next? For more information regarding gum disease treatment in Dunedin, FL, call us at 727.228.8000 today.



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