December 23, 2015

With the Holidays quickly approaching, seasonal ailments may begin to arise. It is important to maintain not only your health this winter, but be mindful of oral health as well. Many do not realize how colder temperatures and Holiday treats can affect the teeth and mouth. As a leading periodontist in Eden Prairie, MN, Dr. Andrés R. Sánchez recommends the following tips to help ensure your teeth and gums are in good condition, as the end of the year approaches.

  1. Take Care During Flu Season

With the increased chance of catching a cold or the flu, you should take the best precautions to remain well. If you do get sick, however, try these extra steps to ensure your teeth remain healthy: limit foods or drinks high in acidity, such as juices. In addition, try switching to sugar-free cough drops or cough syrup if available. High amounts of acidic and sugary foods or liquids can erode enamel and increase tooth decay. Not caring properly for your teeth and gums can also contribute to periodontal disease.

  1. Make Note of Cold Weather Sensitivity

It is normal for some people to experience tooth sensitivity when exposed to cold air, but you should not feel pain or aching. If you do, you may be suffering from something more severe. You should visit Dr. Sánchez to make sure your oral health is in order. Also, watch out for dehydration, which is common in the cold weather. This can lead to dry mouth and gingivitis.

  1. Practice Good Brushing Habits

When the holidays are in full swing, it can be easy to neglect your regular brushing and flossing routines. Do not fall into this habit. We recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing once, to eliminate harmful plaque and food particles. Brushing after each meal may be a good option for you if you happen to indulge in sugary or sticky treats. This provides a clean environment for your gums, and helps stave off periodontal disease. Also, be sure to replace your toothbrush every few months to reduce the growth of bacteria or reinfection if you were ill.

Call Dr. Sánchez at (952) 479-4705 to schedule an appointment to ensure that your gums are in good health as you go into the holiday season.



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