October 8, 2018

Have you recently noticed that your gum line is receding? You may have been told that your only treatment option is to take tissue from somewhere in your mouth (most likely the roof of your mouth) and graft it directly to the receding portion of your gums. Gum grafting is still commonly used to treat gum recession, but it’s not the only option available to you. There is an increasingly popular gum recession treatment available that can restore your gum line without making a single incision or placing a single suture. It’s called the Pinhole Surgical Technique®, and it’s offered by Drs. Charles Barotz and Linda Nguyen at their leading-edge dental practice.

How the Procedure Works 

The Pinhole Surgical Technique is an innovative gum recession treatment in Denver, CO, that delivers impressive clinical results while causing minimal trauma to the gum tissue. The treatment is increasing in popularity because it is quick, effective and minimally invasive. Rather than attaching gum tissue from one part of the mouth to the receded gums with the help of uncomfortable sutures, Drs. Barotz and Nguyen take a gentler approach to treatment. They insert a small tool into the gum tissue right above the receded area through a hole about the size of a pinprick. Then, they use the tool to detach the gums from the surface of the teeth.

Once the attachment between the teeth and gums is broken, the gum tissue can be maneuvered carefully downward or upward over the teeth (depending on whether the receded site is located on the upper or lower teeth). The entire process is completed very quickly and generates instantly improved aesthetic results. No sutures are required to seal the area and most patients experience very little post-operative discomfort.

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Now is the perfect time to improve the health and appearance of your smile with the Pinhole Surgical Technique. To schedule your treatment with Drs. Barotz or Nguyen, call Barotz Dental today.



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