February 21, 2016

If you live to see your child smile, then you should be willing to do everything possible to protect it. Although you may be willing to go to extreme measures, taking them to a dentist regularly ensures that you do not have to. To protect your child from the hazards of tooth decay in Wayne, NJ, Dr. Laurence Breiterman recommends you use the following suggestions.

Start Now

Do not wait until your child can walk and talk before you start to teach them the importance of good oral hygiene. Children six months and older can learn through actions as well as by words. Let your child watch you when you brush your teeth and floss. Explain to them what you are doing so they will understand. Make brushing and flossing fun so your child will associate good feelings with maintaining good oral hygiene.

Eating Habits

Children are notorious for being picky eaters. While that can make meal time a battle in some households, you should not let your child indulge in foods that are known to be problematic to their dental health.

Foods your child should avoid or consume in moderation include:

  • Sweets
  • Soda
  • Teas
  • Citrusy fruits
  • Nuts

Depending on the age of your child, you may also have to watch them to ensure they do not put any foreign substances in their mouth, such as chemicals.

Tooth decay is something that you may not be able to see right away. However, a good dentist can examine your child’s teeth and gums and alert you to any issues. Children who have tooth decay in Wayne, NJ, are more likely to be ridiculed by their peers, easily embarrassed and suffer from poor self-esteem. Stay abreast of their oral health so their baby teeth will remain healthy and intact for as long as possible. At some point those healthy baby teeth will make way for healthy adult teeth.

Preserve your child’s smile and dental health by calling Advanced Dental Techniques at (973) 988-4491 to schedule their next dental exam with our dentist, Dr. Breiterman.



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