December 13, 2017

Are you ready for the holidays? Are your teeth? Gum disease can prevent you from fully enjoying holiday parties and other festivities. Luckily, LANAP is the solution.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Several symptoms could indicate gum disease. In the earliest stages of the disease, gingivitis, you may notice that your breath is not very pleasant, even if you brush and floss regularly. Gums may become red, swollen, or they may even bleed. As the disease advances, your teeth may become sensitive or start to feel loose and chewing may start to feel painful. In the most advanced stages of gum disease, periodontitis, your gums may begin to recede, giving your teeth the appearance of being longer. Smoking and poor oral hygiene may further irritate the disease, which can lead to tooth loss or even health issues in other parts of the body if left untreated.

How LANAP® Can Help

Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a minimally invasive method of treating gum disease. Proponents of LANAP® agree the procedure is typically less painful and more successful than traditional surgery to treat gum disease. It often results in reattachment of the gum tissue and new bone growth. The procedure usually takes two visits that last about two hours each. If you have loose teeth, our periodontist, Dr. Andres Sanchez, may splint them.

The first step of the procedure is to determine how much attachment loss has occurred between your gums and teeth. Next, we use a pulsed laser light to remove bacteria from beneath the gums and destroy any infection. We then use an ultrasonic scaler to remove any tartar deposits. After tartar removal, we pass the laser over the treated area to stimulate clotting and promote healing. Typically, we perform the procedure on the top teeth during your first visit and the bottom teeth about a week later. Most patients feel little pain and return to work almost immediately.

Fully Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. If you want to feel more confident in your smile and enjoy your favorite holiday foods without pain, now is the time to undergo the LANAP® procedure. Contact PerioWest in Minneapolis, MN for more information.



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