December 31, 2015

A person’s dental health involves the well-being of more than just teeth. The health of gums and other oral tissue is improved through the regular attention of a general dentist in Fort Myers, FL, like Dr. William Greider. At the Greider Center for Advanced Dentistry, we utilize a number of superior tools and techniques to improve the health of our patients. Treatments such as laser dentistry even have a pronounced positive effect on overall physical health.

What Is Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser gum surgery makes use of a medical laser to precisely remove damaged gum tissue and clear away the harmful bacteria associated with advanced periodontal disease. Laser surgery has numerous advantages over traditional forms of gum surgery. For instance:

  • Medical lasers are highly precise, so only the damaged tissue is removed. Healthy tissue is left intact.
  • Only minimal bleeding is associated with laser gum surgery.
  • The less invasive nature of laser gum surgery typically results in a faster healing time and more comfortable recovery for patients.
  • This procedure uses no sutures.

Laser-assisted gum surgery can be used on small spots of gum disease to prevent the advancement of this potentially dangerous condition. Addressing gum disease early on is the most effective management strategy but surgical treatment can restore the health and function of gums in short order.

Addressing Gum Disease is Important

Advanced periodontal disease exposes the body to prolonged infection. The pockets of harmful bacteria that develop in the gum tissue can potentially spread through the blood stream. This poses distinct danger to people suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions. In its advanced stages, periodontal disease can also cause tooth loss. Surgical treatment can help prevent tooth loss and improve the health of the whole body.

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